Experience Strategy

Finding a new direction isn’t easy. Working with executives allows us to understand internal perceptions about the state of the business. We then leverage quantitative and qualitative data to shape a full end-to-end experience, backed with real design concepts.


Rapid Ideation Workshops

Ideas gain momentum in groups! We help facilitate sessions where teams of 3-5 people will talk scope, brainstorm, test, and document concepts; giving weeks worth of ideation within a matter of hours.

xStrategy Development

Delivering on an experience, whether product or service, requires the coordinated effort of a team. Experience strategy (or xStrat as we lovingly call it) should be your North Star. We take your vision and help articulate specific areas of focus to disrupt the market by crafting an experience in meaningful way for your customers; bridging the gap between concept and action.

Consumer Needs Research

Are you targeting the right customer? Do you know what motivates a purchase? How do your customers prefer to interact with you? Good customer research helps to find out how to identify your customers, what they want, and why.

Experience Platform Development

In order to build a market disrupting idea, there usually isn’t “one tool to rule them all.” We’ll help you navigate the vast technologies used to provide interaction between your customer and services, such as portals, content management, search, applications, analytics, collaboration, and social.

Product Roadmapping Workshops

You have a breakthrough idea…but how can it go from concept to covering your team in silly string at the launch party? Roadmap exercises help build the plan to match short-term and long-term business goals with specific technology solutions to help meet them. These roadmaps can range from extremely high level to the nitty gritty; it all depends on the audience you need to communicate with. Clearly articulating the product vision and strategy can make it easier to ensure everyone is working toward a common goal.

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We’re not really big into sales calls. We’d rather just grab a cup of coffee and talk. Let us know what works best for your schedule.

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