Tech Services

Whether it’s seamlessly unifying disparate platforms, expanding business and content management capabilities or hosting and maintaining web applications through our managed services offering, we can support and execute on any project – no matter how large or small.


Cloud Transformation

First things first – moving to the cloud is not transforming to the cloud. Transformation guides an organization through the adoption of cloud services by helping them improve their current application stack. By transforming, companies you will inherently see an improvement to your test process!

Agile Application Development

We’ll help lead your development teams to remove communication barriers, enhance project oversight and increase developer throughput by adopting our proven SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) techniques.

Data Intelligence

Big data is all the rage…but, like most things your data is only as good as the intelligence you get out of it. Make sense out of your data and apply data practices to learn new insights, visualize related data and provide a self-service model to allow data exploration while securing the data based on user access.

Project Management / Automation

Developers should be able to use their skills without having their hands tied up in testing or deployment. Through automating user acceptance testing using an integrated work management platform companies can more swiftly advance product code into reality.  Reduce your time to market and worry less about release notes.

DevOps Implementation

Providing best practices and patterns to expand as your team needs them is essential.  We’ll make sure you keep from racking up costs on the weekends by helping to strategize consumption and knowing when expected work patterns fluctuate.

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We’re not really big into sales calls. We’d rather just grab a cup of coffee and talk. Let us know what works best for your schedule.

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