Product Innovation

We leverage our live prototyping methodology to build functional interactive prototypes, placing them into a live marketing simulation to see what people will really do. The results of the simulations provide a clear answer to the value of the experience.


Early Concept Design

Some of the best ideas grow from unassuming origins.  Early Concept Design allows for the team to share rough thoughts, gradually building on it – with each person adding in their own unique perspective and values. This allows individuals in your organization to feel like they have impact with in the company. From there we’ll leverage insights and observations uncovered from contextual research and run from there.

Live Prototyping

Live prototyping lives between the realm of basic click through prototypes and pilots – which allows the product concept to evolve naturally as your target audience tests it. By making concepts real, we can more intimately understand the underlying mechanics and make informed judgments of a product, without the need to get into any wasted development effort. We start by observing behavior naturally as it unfolds before going into lengthy interviews with consumers.

Usability Testing

Usability testing shouldn’t be seen as an afterthought of a product, but rather as a way to launch concepts better, faster, and with the least amount of wasted resources. Usability tests come in a variety of lengths and effort required, but once you see the human experience behind the data, extremely precise decisions can be made about where to spend your resources. Isn’t it great to know that your product is important to your customers?

UI, Web, and Mobile Development

We believe innovation really happens when you execute – doing the things outlined on business plans, powerpoints and napkins. Our full stack product teams know how to build out a concept from start to finish, from backend to frontend, from mobile to web. We’re even better at tying in your strategy, requirements, knowledge, processes and people into our work, so that at every step, you and your organization are executing with us.

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We’re not really big into sales calls. We’d rather just grab a cup of coffee and talk. Let us know what works best for your schedule.

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