People are not resistant to change, they are resistant to having change done to them.

Take control of the change in your business.

-Jeff Shipley.

The Beginning

Only when people are emotionally ready to relinquish the old and take hold of that concept which promotes a better way will they be ready to forge ahead, making the change to significantly impact the benefit of all.



Let's focus on the problem, not reworking solutions created to mask the problem over time.

Clear the cobwebs and unearth the issues where they began, reworking structure and creating the strategy from its core, molding and shaping an evolutionary thought process.



Today's consumer landscape is an ever-changing beast, fluid in nature, and unforgiving.

Companies are faced with the challenge of an evolving consumer base, capturing its attention and making a connection before the competition.



Consumer perception is king. Who, what, or where do you want your company to be.

Damascus Edge is a change agent. No matter what your company wants to be, we can help get you there, providing the change you need for the results you want.

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Damascus Edge is a strategic consulting firm, focused on businesses that impact the consumer space.


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